March 21, 2019

Our Workflow – from the initial email until you receive the wedding images

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Finding, hiring and working with a Wedding Photographer who’s style matches your needs and with whom you connected is an involved and often lengthy process. But what does this “process” actually look like from beginning to end? What can you expect? 

In this post we explore our entire Ever After Photographers workflow starting from the very beginning when you contact us with your initial wedding day request all the way until you receive your final images. Ready? Great!



Nearly all of our initial enquiries happen through our online Contact Form.

Shortly afterwords we respond letting you know if we are available for your wedding day. In our response we usually ask a few questions which can help us get to know you and your fiancé a little bit better.

After receiving back your answers, we suggest the number of hours you will likely need us for on your wedding day and prepare an initial quote. At this time, and provided you have the time, we can meet either through Skype, on a call or ideally in person. 

Meeting in person allows both of us to make sure that we are a good fit for each other not just in terms of the images and the style we provide but also in the way that we work together. After all, we will be spending many hours together by your side, so a good fit is a great start!


Ideally we are happy to host the meeting in our work space located at 32 Britain Street. However if our location is not convenient for you, we can also meet at a coffee shop closer to you.

We love getting to know new people, finding out about your big day, talking about how you both first met, where you traveled and of course answering any question about our work and about the next steps in the booking process. We show you our work, real online galleries from past wedding and we discuss how we deliver all of your images. 

We are not going to try to sell you on any albums or other options. Frankly, we are not very good sales people at all! Oh well! 

After the meeting we send a quick note with any additional information you requested. We also usually provide a blank wedding contract which you can review before confirming any booking. Along with the contract we provide a link to some of our relevant blog posts such as “How to read a photography contract” or “Getting ready for an engagement session”.

If you have any questions at that time, please ask away! We are happy to clarify and provide all answers. Our goal is to make sure you are 100% certain that you would like us to be a part of your wedding day. 

Although your date is not booked with us until the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, we will let you know right away if a second couple does ask us for availability on the same day as your wedding date. 

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Once you are ready to book us, we ask you for your full names, address and cellphone numbers. We need the above information to complete the contract which we send to you electronically for a final review and online signatures. Along with the contract you will receive a deposit invoice for 50% of the total wedding photography quote. The deposit invoice can be paid through e-transfer or using a credit card.

Once the contract is fully signed by both of you and by us, and once the deposit invoice is paid you are fully booked!

Of course, we are always available to answer any questions you may have or to help you with your wedding day timelines, overall planning and with the selection of any engagement or wedding day session locations. Happy to help!

Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto


About three to four weeks before your wedding day we will host a pre-wedding meeting ideally at our work space at 32 Britain Street. With about a month left in your planning you should now have a clear picture of your wedding day schedule.

If you don’t that’s ok! We will use the meeting to fine tune the timing of your big day and make sure that we have adequate time to capture all of those great moments. We have about 8 pages of questions to ask.  

This may seem like much but we think this level of detail is needed to make sure that both you and us feel 100% ready for your wedding day. After all, the last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is if we know what’s coming next or how to get to the next location. 

 During the meeting, we talk about overall timing, confirm addresses, venue contacts, phone numbers, names of your bridal party, and ask you questions about your vision for the day.

Ideally we suggest that coming into this meeting you have a good initial idea of the number and types of family photo session groupings which you would like us to capture on your wedding day. The more groupings you would like to have, the more time we will need for the family session. To find out more about how to plan for your family session please see our blog post here: “Aunts, Uncles and Cousins: The Guide to Stress Free Family Photo Shoot” 

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Based on this meeting we create and send to you for review a customized Photography Schedule with all of the discussed details. 

The schedule has all of the immediate information which we use on your wedding day. It is super important that you review and confirm that all of the information on this schedule is 100% accurate. Most importantly please check all of the addresses, phone numbers and timelines. We would hate to show up at a wrong address on your wedding day!


Usually about one to two weeks before your wedding, we scout the location of your ceremony and venue. We do this even for venues at which we have shot many times before since every wedding is unique. 

Your venue setup and ceremony details will likely be different from other weddings so a site check is aways a good idea. 


On your wedding day we split  to cover both of the getting-ready sessions regardless of their location.

Norbert usually shoots the family session groupings, while Monika at this time shoots the cocktail reception and all of the venue details before the guest are seated. 

The wedding day moves quickly and is full of emotions which excite us. We love to capture all of those great moments. The outbursts of laughter, the sudden tiers and all of those fleeting gestures between your guests and family which make this day unforgettable. 

It is important for us to capture all of those emotions so that years from now when you look at your images you will feel once again the same way you felt that day.

We love dancing shots and we usually spend time with you and your guests on the dance floor. Doing so we become one of your guests and our captured images carry the emotion of the dance floor. Each wedding is unique and so is the vibe and energy of your guests. We love that you can see that in the captured images.

When it is time to leave, you can be sure that we will first find you and ask you if there are any other images you would like us to take. 


Since we know that seeing your wedding day images is super exciting, within a week after your weeding day we provide 10-15 teaser images in an online gallery. 

You can share these images with your family and guests, mark any as private if you wish and you can also download one or all of them as needed. 


Within 6 weeks of your wedding day you receive access to the full online gallery The gallery will include all of your images in a web-sized file format. You, or any of your guests with access to the gallery can also order fine art quality prints of different sizes directly from this site. 

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After you get the images on the gallery for download, we would love to meet with you one more time to provide a unique personalized wood gift box. 

Inside the box you will find a personalized wooden USB stick with all of your images in both web sized and print formats. 

Since the images are not water-marked in anyway please feel free to print them on your own if you wish. We also provide 15-18 free fine art prints on a heavy matt paper inside the box as a thank you from us. We hope you enjoy them!


At this point our journey ends. Sadly, since we often miss our couples after spending so much time together. To this day we call many of our couples friends! We often see them at weddings of their past guests which we have the privilege of shooting.

After this meeting please know that we are always around, ready to answer any questions or perhaps to shoot another great milestone in your life.

As you can see, there are many steps in our photography process. All of them are designed to provide the very best custom, unique and absolutely unforgettable experience with Ever After Photographers. 


Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto

We hope to meet you soon as we start on the above journey.