April 14, 2019

Toronto Island Wedding – Caitlin & Scott

Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto

Toronto Island is one of our favorite places for a quick getaway in the city. When Caitlin and Scott contacted us and described their wedding as a “Summer of Love Wedding Festival”, we right away knew that it will be a lot of fun and the Artscape Giblartar Point on the Toronto Island is the perfect place for that!

Both Caitlin and Scott are musicians and they have a lot of friends who are musicians too so the wedding as a huge festival filled with a lot of music made a lot of sense.
We got to the island with all of the guests on the cruise ship. It was a great feeling to leave the city and head to the island where these two will get married! The day was sunny but the clouds where hanging pretty low. It looked like it might rain but luckily it didn’t for the entire day and night until we left the island. It felt like the rain was waiting until the celebration will be over.

The ceremony was full of laughter and some tears. After the ceremony we did a quick session with Caitlin and Scott. The most important thing for them was to be with their guests and celebrate the day. It is always very important for us to understand what our couples want and need. Everyone is different and each wedding is unique. Understanding that helps us to show how it felt to be a part of the wedding day.

The dinner started and the island filled with music. Everyone was singing. Even the bride and groom were singing! We really felt like a part of the music festival and the big celebration at the same time. What an amazing time was had by everyone. We can’t imagine a better wedding day for Caitlin and Scott.

We are so thankful to be a part of this day the the sounds of this most unique music festival which we will remember for a long time.



Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto

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This Toronto Island boho wedding was photographed by Monika and Norbert from Ever After Photographers – Voted as Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto, Canada.

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