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Top 5 Wedding Chapels In Toronto For Your Beautiful Celebration

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Top 5 Wedding Chapels In Toronto

Toronto, a lively and diverse city, has a bunch of wonderful wedding chapels, each with its own special charm. We’ve been lucky as wedding photographers to capture the beautiful moments and different love stories happening in these beautiful chapels. Let’s check out five standout wedding chapels, each bringing its own flavor to Toronto’s wedding scene.


Toronto wedding chapels stand out for their diverse offerings, providing couples with intimate and flexible spaces that accommodate various cultural backgrounds and preferences.


Tyndale University Chapel

Where: 3377 Bayview Ave, North York, ON
Contact: (416) 226-6620| contact@tyndale.ca
Website: Tyndale University Chapel

What Makes it Special

– Peaceful setting in the heart of Tyndale’s campus
– Modern architecture with a touch of tradition
– Accommodates intimate ceremonies and larger celebrations

Nestled on the grounds of Tyndale University, Tyndale University Chapel offers a unique blend of modern architecture and peaceful surroundings. This venue provides a calm and intimate setting for couples looking to exchange vows amidst the academic charm of the university campus. The chapel’s design seamlessly combines modern elements with a touch of tradition, making it a versatile choice for both intimate ceremonies and larger celebrations.

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Trinity Chapel

Where: 6 Hoskin Ave, Toronto, ON
Contact: (416) 978-8680 | events@trinity.utoronto.ca
Website: Trinity Chapel

What Makes it Special:

– Fancy Gothic vibes with high ceilings
– Perfect for big or small parties
– Gorgeous stained glass windows

Trinity Chapel is the classic heartbeat of Toronto’s wedding scene. With its fancy Gothic architecture, high ceilings, and stunning stained glass windows, it sets the stage for a timeless celebration. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Trinity Chapel offers a space for all couples to create lasting memories.

The Doctor’s House Chapel

Where: 21 Nashville Rd, Kleinburg, ON
Contact: (905) 893-1615 | info@thedoctorshouse.ca
Website: The Doctor’s House

What Makes it Special:

– Charming rustic atmosphere
– Surrounding greenery for a natural backdrop
– Historic charm with modern touch

For couples seeking a touch of rustic romance, The Doctor’s House Chapel is the ideal choice. Tucked away on Greenery Lane, this venue combines historic charm with modern touch. Surrounded by amazing greenery, the chapel provides a natural and intimate setting, making it a perfect canvas for couples to paint their unique love stories.

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Old Mill Chapel

Where: 21 Old Mill Rd, Toronto, ON
Contact: (416) 236-2641 | info@oldmilltoronto.com
Website: Old Mill

What Makes it Special:

– A blend of historical charm and elegance
– Grand architecture with intricate details
– Riverside location with natural surroundings
– A charming garden courtyard

Step into a world of classic beauty at the Old Mill Chapel. This place oozes history and charm, creating an elegant vibe with all its intricate details. And to top it off, being by the riverside adds that extra special touch, making every moment a memorable part of the love story happening right here.

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Old Mill wedding venue

Toronto Wedding Chapel

Where: 276 Merton St, Toronto, ON
Contact: (416) 487-9800 | weddings@torontoweddingchapel.com
Website: Here

What Makes it Special:

– Intimate setting with a touch of modernity
– All-inclusive wedding packages
– Central location for easy access

Located right in the middle of Toronto, the Toronto Wedding Chapel is a fantastic spot that’s kind of a hidden treasure. It gives couples a cozy setting with a modern touch. They’re all about making things easy for you with their all-inclusive wedding packages, which is super handy, especially if you’re from different cultural backgrounds. Plus, being in the middle of the city makes it easy for both locals and folks coming from out of town. So, if you’re looking to celebrate your love right in the heart of the action, this place has got you covered!


In the mix of wedding chapels in Toronto, each place has its own tale to tell. As photographers, we feel lucky to capture the moments in these unique places, making sure every love story is captured with realness and beauty. Whether you’re into the charm of history, the sleek vibes of modern times, or just want a calm and natural setting, Toronto’s chapels have something for every couple to enjoy and celebrate their love.


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