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Finding The Perfect Brewery Venue for Your Wedding in Toronto

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Top 8 Brewery Wedding Venues in Toronto

Toronto has no shortage of brewery wedding venues. With over 50 breweries in the city and more opening regularly, thanks to its growing craft beer scene, it’s no surprise that breweries are increasingly popular choices for couples seeking non-traditional wedding venues. These venues are known for their unique atmosphere, great food, and, of course, beer, all in a relaxed setting. While Toronto already has some well-known breweries for weddings, there are more to explore.

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How to find your “THE ONE” brewery wedding venue in Toronto?

This venue type is ideal for couples who love craft beer. Finding the perfect brewery venue for your wedding involves more than just picking any brewery. It’s important to choose a brewery that not only allows events but also fits your style and guest list. Not every brewery is equipped to host events, so it’s crucial to confirm that your chosen brewery can accommodate weddings, both indoors and outdoors if necessary. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the venue can comfortably accommodate your guest list and offers the amenities you require. We listed our favourite places, but is worth to check with your number one brewery if they can host your wedding reception.

When selecting a brewery, consider the aesthetics and atmosphere it offers. Look for a brewery with character that will provide a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests.

What makes brewery a great wedding venue option?

With their unique industrial-chic settings, breweries provide a distinctive backdrop for weddings, combining rustic charm with casual elegance. The casual vibe of breweries does not compromise on style; many breweries boast beautifully designed interiors and outdoor spaces that can be transformed into stunning wedding settings.

Breweries offer a relaxed atmosphere that can be an alternative to a traditional restaurant wedding venues.

Additionally, breweries offer a wide selection of craft beers, allowing couples to create custom beer menus or even brew their own beer for a personal touch. Breweries are also known for their flexibility, accommodating a variety of styles and themes, and offering delicious food options that rival those of traditional restaurants.

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So now let’s take a look for our top 8 breweries for wedding in Toronto!

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Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle Brewery needs no introduction on the Toronto wedding stage. This brewery wedding venue is well know for its iconic pilsner and historic location in Roundhouse Park, this brewery offers a lively and bustling vibe that perfectly complements any celebration. The venue’s industrial-chic aesthetic, complete with exposed brick and towering ceilings, creates a unique and memorable atmosphere for weddings. It can host a small wedding as well as grand celebration.

Capacity: 10-1300 people
Website: Steam Whistle

steam whistle wedding venue

steam whistle wedding

steam whistle wedding


Amsterdam Brewhall

Amsterdam Brewing is a well-established brewery wedding venue with a long history in Toronto. Located in Toronto’s Leaside Village, this spot is perfect for beer lovers who want something different for their event. Forget fancy ballrooms—Amsterdam Brewhall embraces its industrial look with exposed ductwork, shiny concrete floors, and a colorful barrel installation that adds a fun touch. Amsterdam is known for its diverse range of beers, from classic lagers to bold IPAs, ensuring there’s something for every beer lover. It’s definitely one of the top places

Capacity: up to 200
Website: Amsterdam Brewhall

Henderson Brewing

Located in the historic Junction neighbourhood, Henderson Brewing offers a charming and rustic setting for weddings. The brewery is known for its innovative beers, including the award-winning Henderson’s Best, and its commitment to community engagement. The vibe at Henderson is laid-back and welcoming, perfect for couples looking for a relaxed yet stylish brewery wedding venue. Classic brewery aesthetics with red brick and steel elements.

Capacity: up to 160
Website: Henderson Brewing

Bandit Brewing

Nestled in the heart of Roncesvalles Village, Bandit Brewery offers a cozy and intimate setting for weddings. The brewery is known for its creative and experimental beers, as well as its delicious food menu. The vibe at Bandit is relaxed yet modern, making it a great choice for couples looking for a unique and memorable wedding venue. Their retractable roof offers coverage from rain or sun whenever is needed.

Capacity: up to 120 seated dinner
Website: Bandit Brewing

Rainhard Brewing

Located in the Stockyards District, Rainhard Brewing is a hidden gem known for its small-batch beers and intimate atmosphere. The brewery offers a warm and inviting setting for weddings, with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. The cozy and charming vibe at Rainhard Brewing is ideal for couples seeking a romantic and intimate brewery wedding venue. And we absolutely loved the food!

Capacity: up to 120 seated dinner
Website: Rainhard Brewing

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Reinhard brewing

Granite Brewery

Granite Brewery, located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, offers a cozy and welcoming vibe that is perfect for weddings. Their courtyard patio makes this brewery unique. Perfect place for an outdoor ceremony and amazing photo session. Known for its traditional English-style ales brewed on-site, Granite Brewery exudes charm and character. The brewery’s warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with wood furnishings and a relaxed ambiance, sets the stage for a memorable celebration.

Capacity: up to 120 quests
Website: Granite Brewery

High Park Brewery

High Park Brewery is a fantastic choice that won’t disappoint. It offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, making it perfect for beer lovers and weddings. This brewery wedding venue is known for its craft beers, like the popular Across the Pond English Ale, the brewery has a relaxed and laid-back vibe that’s great for a wedding reception. The modern brewery space can host up to 150 people and features 7 brewing tanks, 10 taps, and a beautiful art wall designed by local Toronto artists.

Capacity: 50-150 people
Website: High Park


Bellwoods Brewery, located in Toronto’s trendy Ossington neighborhood, offers a vibrant and energetic vibe that sets it apart. Known along brewery wedding venues for its creative and innovative beers, Bellwoods Brewery provides a lively and bustling atmosphere that’s perfect for weddings. The brewery features a stylish and modern interior, with a beautiful outdoor patio that adds to its charm. The vibe at Bellwoods Brewery is lively and energetic, making it a great choice for couples looking for a fun and memorable wedding venue.

Capacity: up to 150 people
Website: Bellwoods

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