July 14, 2020

The importance of a wedding planner on your wedding day – Interview with Lauren from Blush and Bowties


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There are many ways to plan a perfect wedding just as unique as you are. You can, like many couples, take the entire project on yourself. If your brave enough you can delegate your planning to a trusted and eager family member or finally you can hire a professional planner.  Of course hiring a professional wedding planner doesn’t guarantee a perfect outcome or a smooth process. In our substantial experience, we have noted that wedding planners can vary greatly in their approach, communication skills and in the knowledge of their wedding craft.

Finding the right  planner who can fully understand your vision and who fits with your unique personality isn’t easy. We are fortunate however to have worked with some excellent planners over the years. One of our very favourite is a Toronto based wedding planner Lauren Medeiros from Blush + Bowties.

Lauren Medeiros Wedding Planner Toronto

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As a senior lead planner and designer at Blush + Bowties, Lauren collaborates with her clients to capture their love story and coordinate the wedding theyve always envisioned.

She is professional, empathetic and always looking to understand your needs whether your one of her couples or their trusted photographer. Knowing just how much a wedding planner like Lauren can add to a treasured wedding day, we took some time with her to ask a few questions about the art of planning a wedding and how to find a perfect wedding planner for your unique wedding if you choose this to be your path.

However, even if you have absolutely no intention of hiring a wedding planner we hope you can take the time to read through the below interview. It may just be the information you, or your trusted family team needs to help make your wedding not just great but truly extraordinary.

1. What attracted you to become a Wedding Planner and what is your favourite part of the planning process?

It was an unexpected path, but when my family asked if I would plan a surprise party for my moms 50th birthday, I immediately fell in love with the process. It combined my creativity and eye for detail with a sense of purpose and excitement that comes with making someone feel special. A few weeks after graduating University, I enrolled in a post graduate program where I began my journey into event planning that led me here today!

Its difficult to choose my favourite part of the process because each moment has its own magic. If I had to choose one, it would be connecting and building personal relationships with our couples. Its truly a privilege to be trusted with bringing their ideas and vision to life. A wedding is such a momentous occasion, so being able to witness their joy as the day unfolds is the best feeling

2. It’s been a pleasure working with you on a number of weddings now. You certainly are one of the very best planners we know in the city. Having said that, what makes a great wedding planner and what should couples look for when searching for their perfect wedding planner partner?

I really appreciate that! I believe what makes a wedding planner great is effective communication, attention to detail and a desire to truly understand each individual couple. With experience, these qualities help in creating those seamless, unique and special moments that they will always remember from their wedding day.

Finding a planner that you mesh well with is so important. Your wedding planner is meant to be there for reassurance, a confidant when you need it and the point person who will work with you and your vendors to drive your vision forward. Sometimes planning can last for over a year, so finding someone who understands you as a couple, and is also someone you want to execute your day.

3. We know it takes many components to plan a great wedding. How would you describe your approach to working with other wedding vendors?

An open line of communication and respect for each others craft really goes a long way in this industry. We are all working towards a common goal for our couple and it is important to continuously provide the best for them as a solid team!

4. In light of the recent COVID19 developments, which have so much affected the wedding industry, what steps do you think we as the wedding industry can take to better service the needs of our clients in the future when such unpredictable events happen?

Our industry is one that relies on collaboration and the ability to think on our feet when problem solving. I believe that we need to continue to be there for our clients and show constant support every step of the way. This time has demonstrated that having a wedding planner is so important to assist in the new arrangements and ease the stress from our couples. We are partners and they are not in this by themselves. The wedding industry has truly come together during this time to support each other and our clients as we all continue to navigate this day by day.

5. These days weddings range from intimate backyard gatherings to large productions with hundreds of guests. Are there any types or sizes of weddings for which you would certainly suggest hiring a Wedding Planner?

At Blush + Bowties, we specialize in smaller gatherings but take on weddings of all magnitudes. No matter the size of the wedding, we feel that they all require the same amount of attention to detail throughout the planning process. I believe hiring a wedding planner is less about the size of the wedding and more about peace of mind. Having a planner by your side will ensure that you take in every moment of your special day.

Wedding Planning Toronto

                                        Photo Credit: Scarlett O’Neill

6. What are the advantages to hiring a Wedding Planner?

Any couple will tell you, the questions about the wedding day start the moment you get engaged. What starts as excitement can easily become overwhelming. A wedding planner is someone who will guide you through the entire process. We are experts in the industry and can open doors to magic! It is our absolute pleasure to share our resources and experience with our couples to inspire and coordinate their dream wedding. As we say at Blush + Bowties, we are who you need us to be

7. What would you say are the small things and details which couples always seem to forget about when planning a wedding? 

When planning your wedding, couples should always remember to eat and stay hydrated throughout the day. Ensure you and your bridal party have a healthy breakfast and a plan for lunch. Whether youve prepared pre-packed food to snack on while youre travelling from one location to the next, or having some cushion time in the schedule for a quick bite to eat before making your way down the aisle –  I believe that it is a small overlooked detail, that is so important to remember on such a long day.

Also, dont forget to take time for yourselves throughout the planning process. Its okay to take a break from planning or talking about the wedding. Its okay to feel overwhelmed and we want you to enjoy every second of it. These incredible memories start the moment you say yes!

8. We know that planning a wedding can be a very complicated and involved journey. What advice do you have for couples who decided to plan the wedding on their own and now feel overwhelmed by the entire process?

Your wedding day signifies your love and commitment to each other and the unity of families. Its a process that you want to enjoy from start to finish! My recommendation would be to hire a planner. If youre investing in your wedding day, invest in someone who can manage it for you. There are so many amazing planners in the industry who offer a variety of services that can best suit you and your needs.

We hope that the above wedding planning tips from a professional planner help to guide the planning process of your unique day. May your wedding day be not just great but extraordinary! We hope to be there to capture all of those special moments.

Of course if you have any more questions for Lauren or would like to find out more about the great work at Blush + Bowties. Please see their contact information below.

Thank you Lauren for taking the time to share so much useful and inspiring information with both us and our blog readers. To find out more about Blush and Bowties and the great work they do, please link to the below:

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