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Ontario Golf Club Wedding Venues For Natural Looking Wedding Photos

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Beyond the golf tournaments and friendly matches, Ontario’s golf and country clubs hold a hidden gem – they make for amazing wedding venues. These beautiful spaces, known for their manicured lawns, lush landscaping and well-maintained grounds, aren’t just for golf lovers; they’re becoming the go-to choice for couples looking to tie the knot in a unique setting. Although manicured landscapes can occasionally lend an artificial feel to the wedding images, we’re excited to highlight the golf clubs where the natural landscape shines. First, let’s talk about benefits of getting married at the golf club.

What are the benefits of having a wedding at the golf club or country club?

Firstly, you can conveniently combine both your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location, which proves to be budget-friendly. Managing communication with just one venue is also simpler and more streamlined. Moreover, golf clubs are often conveniently located near urban centers, providing easy access for guests and offering amenities such as free parking and proximity to accommodations.  Lastly, the versatility of golf club spaces accommodates various wedding styles and sizes, ensuring that whether you desire an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, there’s a perfect spot for you.

Our main focus was to feature golf clubs with lots of natural landscape which make your wedding photos look natural and authentic.

As wedding photographers, our focus is to capture moments that reflect the natural beauty and authenticity of your special day. We understand the importance of selecting backgrounds that elevate the natural look of your wedding photos. While golf club backdrops may sometimes appear too manicured, in this blog post, we’ll guide you through some of the most natural-looking golf club wedding venues in Ontario for your wedding day. Each of these venues offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and an elegant atmosphere, ensuring that your wedding photos are as authentic and unique as your love story.

We believe that the world around you is an integral part of your story.


Credit Valley Golf and Country Club

Address: 2500 Old Carriage Road, L5C 1Y7 Mississauga
Website: Credit Valley Golf and Country Club
Capacity: Up to 90 guests

Stands Out For: Beautiful ceremony area overlooking the Credit Valley. Bright reception area.

You wound never think you are in Mississauga 10 minutes away from Square One. The Credit Valley Golf and Country Club stands out for its stunning ceremony area, boasting panoramic views overlooking the picturesque Credit Valley. Additionally, the venue features a bright and inviting reception area, providing the perfect setting for dining, dancing, and making cherished memories with your loved ones.

Credit Valley Golf Club wedding

first kiss at Credit Valley Golf Club

golf club wedding photography

bridal party at golf club

Mississauga wedding venues

reception at Credit Valley Golf Club

Copper Creek Golf Club

Address: 11191 Highway #27 L0J 1C0 Vaughan
Website: Copper Creek
Capacity: Valley View Room – Up to 120 guests ; Grande Ballroom – 250-450 guests

Stands Out For: Lots of natural looking green areas, including a natural growth area. Proximity to other popular wedding photo locations.

During capturing Selina and Anthony’s fall wedding we were amazed by this venue. Copper Creek stands out for its natural-looking green areas, providing a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos. With well-manicured lawns and areas of natural growth, there’s plenty of stunning scenery to capture. Additionally, its proximity to other popular wedding photo locations adds to its appeal. Couples have convenient access to various picturesque settings nearby such as the McMichael Art Gallery and the Kleinburg Village.

Copper Creek Golf Club wedding photo

couple photo session at Copper Creek Golf Club

couple enjoying each other

Ontario wedding venues

reception at Copper Creek Golf Club

first dance at Copper Creek Golf Club

Deer Creek

Address: 2700 Audley Rd, L1Z 1T7 Ajax
Website: Deer Creek
Capacity: 50-550 guests

Stands Out For: 3 separate reception areas well thought out. Two outdoor gazibo locations. Landscape allows natural looking photography once you know where to find the right background.

Deer Creek stands out for its well-thought-out reception areas, with three separate spaces to choose from. Additionally, the venue boasts two outdoor gazebos, providing charming settings for ceremonies or outdoor receptions. The landscape at Deer Creek lends itself perfectly to natural-looking photography, with its manicured grounds and scenic views.

toronto golf club wedding venues

deer creek golf club wedding venue

deer creek wedding ceremony

deer creek wedding photo session

Westney Hall at deer creek

Audley and Middle Hall at deer creek

Whistle Bear Golf Club

Address: 1316 Dickie Settlement Rd, N3H 4R8 Cambridge
Website: Whistle Bear Golf Club
Capacity: Up to 350 guests

Stands Out For: Fully shaded outdoor ceremony pavilion, great locations for photography including shaded forested areas, modern and bright reception area with a twist of a cottage influence.

This golf club is our top choice. Whistle Bear Golf Club stands out with its casual feel, shaded ceremony area and many forested areas perfect for natural looking photography. Firstly, it boasts a fully shaded outdoor ceremony pavilion, providing relief from the sun during summer weddings. Additionally, the venue offers numerous locations for photography, including charming forested areas that add a natural and rustic touch to your wedding album. Moreover, the modern and bright reception area with a hint of a modern cottage influence adds a unique charm to the venue.

Whistle Bear Golf Club wedding

Whistle Bear Golf Club sunset photo session

candid wedding photography

bridal party at Whistle Bear Golf Club

swing in the forest Whistle Bear Golf Club

Ontario wedding venues

reception at Whistle Bear Golf Club


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