Love Stories Project

“The beauty of ordinary lives of ordinary people in the ordinary streets is always extraordinary!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

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The Love Stories Project

Every love story is special and we’d love to tell yours.

For years, we’ve had the honour of capturing some of the most treasured moments in our couples’ lives. The stories they’ve shared in our sessions have moved us, inspired us, and given us greater meaning for what we do every day. Now, we want to share these stories of love with the world so they may bring others the joy, warmth, and hope that we’ve had the privilege to experience.

Through our new project, Love Stories, we wish to tell your stories of love – in all its shapes – captured through words and photographs like never before. These stories will first live on our website and in the future maybe published in other media.

Participating couples will receive:

A 2-hour photography session
A password protected online gallery
High resolution / Ready to print files
An interview with our writer who will document your story in narrative form

For a limited time, participation in the Love Stories Project will be available at a 50% discount from our Couples Sessions and Engagements – or free with the purchase of a wedding package.

If you’d like to be part of the Love Stories Project, please fill out the form below by June 1st, 2021. Unfortunately, we can’t include all applicants in our project – the couples selected will be chosen and advised by June 15th, 2021.

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Project Photographer

NORBERT loves discovering remote corners of the world while capturing photographs of the land and the people. He believes that the most perfect mode of exploration is a bicycle and that riding solo around Iceland, or from Vancouver to Toronto in six weeks, is both challenging and fun. He is an experienced Digital Image Print Maker. A craft which he enjoys using for both our wedding and the travel photography which hangs framed all around our home. Norbert’s goal is to capture the spirit of the moments created by people in love and to never stop learning new things to improve himself and explore the world around him.


Project Writer

After more than a decade of working in the corporate world, Kim walked away from a prestigious ad agency in 2015 to launch Wabi Sabi Culinary Corp. Since then, Wabi Sabi Musubis, a mobile musubi stall, has spread the joy of delectable, and adorable, snacks to outdoor festival-goers throughout Toronto.

Kim’s earliest fascination with food can be traced back to Sunday afternoons watching Julia Childs and Yan Can Cook on PBS with her brother (coincidentally also named Jan, pronounced “Yan”) at the impressionable age of 6. Though she, at the time, did not believe she could cook like Yan, she did cheer on as Jan, perched on a stool in front of the stove, had mastered the art of the scrambled egg by the age of 7.

The culinary adventures continued. From street food tours during a solo trip to Asia, living and surrounding herself with food nerds, succumbing to the inevitable genetic Asian stereotype of documenting everything eaten in photos, and marrying a man with whom memories would be recalled by what they ate -they’ve all fed her passion and hunger for more.

Kim lives in Toronto with Nick, and an elevator ride away from Abhi. And now she can indeed cook like Yan.

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