Gladys and Elvis

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Charm, poise and grace are qualities which can be useful both on and off the ice. And since Elvis and his wife Gladys possess these attributes in spades, we were truly fortunate to spend a little time with this figure skating couple during a recent photo shoot at the Humber Bay Park in Toronto.

To make this session extra special we called upon the expertise of one of our favorite makeup artists Claudia Coelho and Samantha Reesor a hair stylist, who both did an outstanding job in our opinion. During the preparations for the shoot, we found out many interesting things about our couple.

Elvis Stojko is 2 times Olympic silver medal winner and 3 times World Champion figure skater. You may remember Elvis from his powerful quad jumps. Norbert certainly does! Gladys Orozco is a past National Mexican Skating Champion in her own right and we think she is simply stunning. The couple met in Mexico during a skating competition after Elvis took some time away from skating and found a new adventurous lifestyle in Mexico. Currently, they both live in Canada while they still actively participate in numerous figure skating shows across North America. If figure skating wasn’t enough, Elvis is currently pursuing a carrier as an actor. He recently showcased his acting ability playing the role of Mercury in the Canadian Movie Ice Girls set in Sudbury Ontario.

A couple of hours later, and now knowing much more about Elvis and Gladys, it was time for the wedding photo shoot which took place in the beautiful Humber Bay Park.

With a perfectly illuminated scenery by the setting sun and the vast Lake Ontario behind Elvis and Gladys, the stage was set for a great session. But it was their approachable nature and their clearly visible care and love for each other which made this evening very special.

We had a great time and simply love the results. It’s a perfect 10 in our books!

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