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How To Plan A Destination Wedding In Aruba?

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Dreaming of a destination wedding in Aruba? Imagine a perfect wedding set against the stunning beauty of Aruba’s beaches and crystal-clear waters. Ever After Photographers had the privilege of capturing destination weddings and elopments in Aruba multiple times. During the latest elopement we met the founder and CEO of Wed Aruba Deyanira Nohemi. One of the best wedding planners specializing in magical celebrations on this Caribbean paradise island.

Deyanira’s incredible energy, passion and professionalism drove us to this interview. From choosing the perfect place to navigating the specifics of a destination wedding, she shares invaluable insights to help couples create their dream celebration amidst Aruba’s breathtaking scenery. Her expertise and local knowledge guarantee a seamless experience, ensuring that every detail of your destination wedding in Aruba is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. Ready to begin your planning journey?

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What makes Aruba special compared to other Destination Wedding locations?

Weather: Aruba is the sunniest island in the Caribbean. The weather, its beautiful landscapes, and unique natural elements make it the perfect place to have a celebration. Though Aruba has some hills, Aruba doesn’t really have any high mountains to trigger rainfall. More importantly, Aruba is located outside of the hurricane belt, and it has never been directly hit by a hurricane. This fact makes Aruba a reliable place for a wedding.

Between October – December it randomly rains.

Safety: The United Nations classified Aruba as a low crime country with plenty of education opportunities. Aruba is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands which means Aruba adopts the same welfare, social, and educational systems. Everyone in Aruba has health insurance, children can study abroad, and oftentimes educational opportunities are funded by government scholarships. According to The World Bank, Aruba has been ranked a “high income” Caribbean island. Because of the high quality of life here, and the opportunities presented to children, reducing crime threats.

Convenience: It is extremely convenient to travel to Aruba because there are multiple direct flights available from all over the world. During the low tourist season which is between the months of September through mid December, flights are incredibly affordable.

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What are the first steps I should take as a couple when planning a wedding in Aruba?

Contact us to plan your dream wedding by the beach, along the garden grass, out at sea, or perched high above it all overlooking the beautiful Island of Aruba. To read more about us, visit our website: WED Aruba

How far in advance should I start planning a Destination Wedding in Aruba?

WED Aruba recommends one full year for planning purposes. It is our ultimate goal for your big day to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, the time we recommend is six months to one year. Nonetheless, wedding planning is not a straightforward task. A lot of last minute details will need to be sorted out which is highly recommended to take a full year to plan your special day.

What’s the best time to get married in Aruba?

The weather is nice all year round. Therefore, anytime of the year is a great time to get married in Aruba. However, to avoid the crowds and save some cash, we recommend planning your destination wedding in September or October when there are less visitors and flight prices and hotel rates are likely to drop.

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Where can you get Married or Elope in Aruba? Are there certain locations more popular than others?

WED Aruba offers multiple locations for your special day:

Tierra del Sol’s Garden
Aruba’s Civil Town Hall
Local Churches

Is marriage on a beach resort legally binding in Aruba?

Yes. As long as you have all the paperwork in order (more on this below). Marriages performed in Aruba are internationally recognized and legally binding.

How can one apply for a valid government wedding license in Aruba?

Couples will need copies of the following documents:
Birth certificates
Passport photos
Witness’s passport photos; and Divorce/death certificates if applicable.

Required documents must be mailed within 30 days prior to their wedding.

In addition, religious affiliations are relevant when picking an Aruba destination wedding. Depending on whether couples are Catholic, Protestant or Jewish, couples might need to prove their respective affiliation. If couples wish to have a civil ceremony, the ceremony needs to take place at Aruba’s Civil Town Hall located at Schoolstraat 2, Oranjestad, Aruba. Couples can have a religious blessing elsewhere if they wish to do so.

Will I need to translate the wedding license for use in my own country such as Canada?

WED Aruba’s civil wedding package includes the official translation document and the Aruban government apostille. Documents are authorized by the Aruba government.

How much does a wedding or elopement in Aruba cost?

To discuss quotations, please visit: Wed Aruba

Any final tips for couples considering a destination wedding or elopement in Aruba?

Make sure to educate yourself on the legal documents and fees required by the government. Do not be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone in order to have a memorable wedding. WED Aruba is here to help you along the way!

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From Wed Aruba

WEDAruba, founded by Deyanira Nohemi, has helped dozens of couples like you plan and celebrate their BIG day. We are obsessed with setting the absolute highest standards in conceptualizing, choreographing, and capturing every precious moment and every little detail—from your first kiss to your last dance.

It is our promise to you that we exceed your wildest expectations and stay committed to fulfilling your fairytale to perfection. Most of all, we guarantee a stress-free process and unparalleled service that aims to bring the magic of Aruba to life together with all of your magical moments that are certain to last a lifetime.

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