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“The beauty of ordinary lives of ordinary people in the ordinary streets is always extraordinary!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto
best wedding photographer toronto best wedding photographer toronto


Let this be our legacy – to live, to love, and to inspire, leaving the world a little brighter than we found it.

Ever After Photographers is a small Toronto based bespoke Wedding Photography Studio featured by the Elegant Wedding Magazine as one of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Toronto. Because, we don’t take perfect photos.

Life isn’t about perfection, and neither are the moments we cherish. We’re on a mission to artistically showcase the authentic beauty in every shot – the tears, the laughter, the surprises, and the genuine moments. These are the memories that last a lifetime, reminding us of the depth of human connections and how fleeting life’s experiences can be.

We believe that by capturing the images of these unique human moments and emotions we are adding something positive and worthwhile to our world. This belief drives our passionate to work hard every day and to be our very best. To provide an outstanding personal experience from the initial enquiry, right through to the day the final photos are delivered on time.

Our goal is to connect authentically not as vendors but as trusted friends who are genuinely interested in getting to know your story.

But we don’t do all of the above because we have to do it. This is not an obligation. This is our passion, a calling, our craft and our source of pride.

If you believe we are a good addition to your story, we can’t wait to get to know you!

– Norbert and Ever After Photographers

Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto


We’re a Team of wedding photographers who work together to capture your special day. Our lead photographers, Elaine, Max, Hailey and Norbert, bring their unique talents and vision to every wedding. Supporting them, our second shooters—Daniel, Nicole, Isaac and Gosia—are always ready to capture every moment. Together, we deliver not just photographs, but a truly memorable experience for our couples.

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Owner / Photographer

NORBERT loves discovering remote corners of the world while capturing photographs of the land and the people. He believes that the most perfect mode of exploration is a bicycle and that riding solo around Iceland, or from Vancouver to Toronto in six weeks, is both challenging and fun. He is an experienced Digital Image Print Maker. A craft which he enjoys using for both our wedding and the travel photography which hangs framed all around our home. Norbert’s goal is to capture the spirit of the moments created by people in love and to never stop learning new things to improve himself and explore the world around him. Oh and he drives and works on his R56 MINI Cooper S, because he loves cars that are made for drivers!



Elaine’s journey in photography started in her grade nine classroom 15 years ago. Having bounced back and forth exploring various art forms nothing quite felt “right” until there was a camera in her hand. From there Elaine worked in the school’s theatre department learning how to use light to shape emotion, drawing focus to areas that may have been missed without it. Elaine is inspired by simple things — the wonder of a sunset, the feel of sand on a beach, the sound of the waves on the shore. It seems only fitting that Elaine calls the Muskoka region home, living minutes from amazing hiking trails where she can find peace among all of these things. Aside from capturing life’s most beautiful moments, Elaine’s greatest passion is training and competing in the sport of dog agility.



On a busy wedding day, Max is there to see everything you don't and to tell the stories you might've missed. His style is a blend of documentary and editorial photography and his goal is to make every wedding shoot unique in their own way.
When Max isn't behind the camera, you can usually find him at a basketball court or at the bouldering gym. However, as a new father, his main hobby is to catch up on sleep.


Our creative story telling is a blend of intimacy, candidness, and a keen appreciation for the world that surrounds you. We often work with camera - shy couples as we create a comfortable space. We don't just take photographs; we work together with you to create and capture memories infused with genuine emotions against the backdrop of your chosen landscape and environment.

Let this be our legacy – to live, to love, and to inspire, leaving the world a little brighter than we found it.

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Wedding on Toronto Island

Above and Beyond

Caitlin and Scott

“Ever After Photographers were a true pleasure to work with! They are an excellent team and worked hard, capturing perfectly the atmosphere and energy of our wedding day from start to finish. They were organized and reliable – they put us at ease knowing that we were in such good hands. They were friendly and fun, fitting in seamlessly with our guests! They finished our photos quickly and they look great! They went above and beyond to provide excellent service. We strongly recommend Ever After Photographers! You won’t regret it!”

Downtown wedding at the Burroughes Building-86

Amazing Experience!

Chantel and Adam

“Norbert is an excellent photographers and he is also an absolutely wonderful person! He is knowledgeable, positive, reliable and always made us feel comfortable. He provided prompt and thorough communication and met with us before events/shoots to clarify our desired shots and vibes and to really get to know us – which was reflected in our photos. The quality of our photos exceeded our expectations and the photos were always provided to us on the promised timelines.”

Whistle Bear Wedding

Genuine Emotions

Nicole and Mark

“Ever After Photographers are such down to earth people who are EXTREMELY professional, creative and talented. Their passion for photography definitely shows in the way they run their business and the quality of their work. Their approach and style is very unique and we are absolutely in LOVE with all our pictures. What we loved most about their style is that none of our photos look staged and they were able to capture pure genuine emotions and some fantastic candids. Even our guests had nothing but great things to say. We would absolutely recommend Norbert and Ever After Photographers – they will go over and above to make your day special!!”

Elora Mill Elora Wedding Photographer

Reliving our Moments

Mellisa and Michael

“If you’re anything like us and are more concerned about experiencing your day for everything it’s worth versus capturing the “perfect” photo, then these are the right photographers for you, because honestly the photos they capture are so freakin’ amazing. Ever After Photographers value your experience taking the photos. Our engagement shoot was basically a really fun date! We were able to relive our entire relationship in one evening. Now, when I look back on each photo, I don’t’ just see the photo but I relive that moment and remember what we were laughing or thinking about!”

Capturing True Essence

Megan and Mike

“We couldn’t be happier with Ever After Photographers for the experience and support they gave us throughout the entire wedding experience. Whether it was helping to plan out the day’s timeline, or remembering the little moments we found special, their ability to capture the true essence of the day was extraordinary and will be continually cherished for many years to come. Thank you Norbert!”

Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto