July 20, 2023

A Red Carpet Elopement in the Yorkville District, Toronto – Mariam and Christopher

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When Mariam and Christopher approached us to shoot an Yorkville Elopement Session downtown Toronto in the fashionable Yorkville district we were naturally intrigued.Many of the Elopements we shoot take place outside of the country at exotic destinations such as Europe or the Caribbean. In fact, we are just packing to shoot an Elopement in Aruba! As it turns out, you don’t need to go far for some incredible Elopement Session Images.

After meeting with this special couple we quickly realized that this Elopement Photo Session would be like no other we have shot in Yorkville before. It’s our pleasure to share these wonderful moments and emotions captured with this amazing couple.


Mariam and Christopher met late one evening at a McDonalds across Bloor street and the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). They quickly fell in love and due to the COVID-19 wedding restrictions decided to elope. On a warm summer day they married inside the Luxuries Yorkville Four Seasons Hotel.

After their ceremony we had the privilege of shooting their Elopement Session on the streets of the Yorkville District. They both looked stunning and reminded us of a classic Hollywood Couple. Timeless in both style and the love which they clearly have for each other.


Scouting the specific locations before the shoot, we made our way from the corner of Bay Street and Yorkville Avenue westbound through the shops, restaurants and alleyways between Cumberland Street and Yorkville Avenue.

elopement in toronto

downtown Toronto wedding

Yorkville wedding photo session

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They turned heads! On more then one occasion people on the street asked who I was photographing, thinking they were clearly celebrities!

After reaching Avenue Road on the west side of the Yorkville District we turned south and continue the Elopement Session heading towards the ROM and the green space of the Philosophers Walk. The session ended fittingly just outside the MacDonald’s where this Red Carpet Couple first met.

royal Ontario museum

Thank you Mariam and Christopher for making us a small part of your amazing Yorkville District Elopement. The timeless images and moments we captured together will stay with us. This is surly an Elopement Session which we will never forget.


If you are thinking of eloping in Toronto, Europe, the Caribbean or anywhere else in the world, regardless if you are a celebrity or not 🙂 we would love to hear from you!

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