November 15, 2023

10 Important Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer

When you start to think about your Wedding Day, you quickly realize that you need to become an expert in almost every field. First, you ask your experienced. . .

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When you start to think about your Wedding Day, you quickly realize that you need to become an expert in almost every field. First, you ask your experienced friends how they started to organize everything. With this initial knowledge you look for help on Google which becomes your best friend for the next few months while you are planning the perfect Wedding Day. What questions should you ask to find out more about the photographer who will capture your precious day? Below 10 questions we suggest you ask any potential photographer.

1.Will you be the photographer on our wedding day?

Often the person you speak to at the wedding show, or during a private consultation, is not the person who will take your photos on the big day. At Ever After Photographers, our growth has led us to expand to a team of six photographers.  Unlike some larger studios that may delegate your wedding photography to various freelancers or have sales representatives who aren’t photographers themselves, we prioritize transparency. We understand the importance of personal connection on your wedding day that’s why we will make sure you meet your photographer prior to your big day. Simply ask, and we’ll happily clarify to eliminate any surprises.

2. How many proofs will we get?

Proofs, usually provided in a digital format, are the photos chosen by your photographer as the best of the hundreds of images taken on the big day.
You will use the proofs to order any actual prints.  Usually a photographer will provide about 30-60 proof photos per each hour photographed. More proofs or photos taken is not necessarily better. After all you want quality over quantity.

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3. How long we need to wait for the images?

On average, you can expect to receive your photos within 3 months after your wedding day. This timeframe allows us to meticulously edit and curate each image to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and artistry. Your patience will be rewarded with stunning, timeless photographs that capture the essence of your special day.

4. Are there any watermarks on the photos?

Watermarks are a form of a visual copyright placed directly on the photo. When viewed or printed such images clearly showcase the photographers logo or copyright information. Obviously this is not ideal for your final prints or digital slide shows. Some photographers remove the watermark only after you pay an additional fee.
We believe that you should have the right to print and view your photos without the watermark. Therefore, all of our images are provided without any watermarks at no additional cost.

5. What is your payment deposit structure?

A deposit ensures that your wedding date is secured. Along with the contract you will receive a retainer deposit invoice. Remaining total is due over two additional equal payments prior to your wedding day. If you need to amend the deposit structure for any reason, talk to the photographer. What ever the payment structure, please make sure that it is clearly included in the contract.

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6. Who will have rights to the pictures?

Unless stated otherwise in you contract the photographer retains the right to the photos, however the people in the photograph, like you, have the right to your self image. Therefore a photographer can only use a photo with your image for any marketing or commercial purpose, with your signed model release consent. It is always wise to ask the photographer to better explain their contract and picture rights. Remember of course that you do not have to sign anything you don’t want to. So, if you do not want your photos included on the photographers marketing website, make sure this condition is noted in your contract before signing.

7. How can our family and friends see the photos and order prints?

Ideally a photographer should provide some type of access for your family to your photos. At Ever After Photographers you receive a unique password protected gallery to share as you wish after you approve all of the website proofs. Your friends and family can view each photo and order them online in multiple sizes, printed on a number of unique fine art papers. After lovingly printing each photo in-house we send the images directly to the person who placed the order.

8. How long do you keep photos on the server?

Most photographers will keep the photos from your big day backed-up on their server for a limited time. This is of course great in case you loose your photos.
Some photographers charge an additional fee for keeping your photos safe beyond the initial time period. Make sure that your contract specifies how long your photos are kept on the photographer’s server.

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9. What is your cancelation policy?

In vary rare and special cases you may need to cancel or move your wedding date. Does the photographer provide a comprehensive cancelation policy? Is your entire deposit lost or does the photographer only keep the initial deposit? Knowing this policy upfront can prevent much confusion and frustration in the future. Again, make sure that the cancelation policy is clearly included in the contract.

10. What happens if you are ill?

A common cold is unlikely to slow down any photographer on your big day. However emergencies can and do happen. What if your photographer falls ill on your wedding day? Is there a back up plan? If so, what is it? A clearly outlined emergency back up plan should be included in your contract.

Remember, the key to finding the ideal photographer lies not just in asking the right questions but also in following your heart and establishing a personal connection. We’re here to support you at every step.

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