5 weeks, 13 thousand kilometres, 5 provinces, 18 couples, 8 questions!

This spring I travelled solo 13,443km from Toronto, ON, to Tofino, BC, and back. Along my journey, I captured images of “Canadians in Love,” in the various ways that can be realized. My goal was to understand both the spirit of Canada and the vastness and variance of its geography.

As a wedding photographer, I am very lucky. I experience and capture couples’ best selves by delving into their love stories. When I decided to apply for my Canadian Citizenship, I had this dream of meeting couples all across Canada to see how love is expressed in different regions by different people. The Love Across Canada project was not only a fabulous adventure, but also my way to learn more about who, how, and where Canadians are when they love.”

I photographed 18 diverse couples of all ages, backgrounds and experiences throughout my journey. I also interviewed these couples about how their love for each other translates into their love for Canada.

You can find images and interviews from some of the sessions here:

Ewa & Jamie – Johnston Canyon, Alberta

Patricia & Barney – Lake Minnewanka, Alberta

Ashlee & Luc – Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Roxann & Antonio – Squamish, British Columbia

Riley & Rhys – Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC

and more to come.

You can follow my journey on InstaStories here: @ever_after_photographers


Number of driven Kilometres: 13,443

Number days on the road: 36

Number of sessions done: 18

From Toronto to Tofino and back

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