Why are custom made albums so precious?

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No matter what size, location or the theme, your wedding is your unique unforgettable expression and story of the love you share with your soul mate. Our images capture this story. Each emotion a sentence, and each photo a paragraph with which your chapters are written.

To see the full story, as it was truly witnessed on your day, a single photo slideshow is not enough. A quality printed album with carefully arranged images on the other hand takes you back to your day and surrounds you with multiple arranged images which make your story come to life. Nothing to turn on, no technology to get in the way, no searching for the image files stored somewhere on the cloud server or left behind on one of your previously used computers or tablets. An analog, authentic and magical expression of your love which you can touch, feel cherish and pass on to your grandchildren.

The simple hand crafted album placed on the coffee table is always ready to take you back to one of the most important days of your life. It can be viewed alone when curled up in bed missing your loved one or shared together with your family or friends.

Each album is a unique work of art. It starts with the images we capture. Carefully chosen and deliberately arranged, we take great care and pride in crafting each page of your book to tell your special story.

Ever After Photographers Toronto
Ever After Photographers Toronto
Ever After Photographers Toronto