Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto

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We are thrilled to be recently recognized by the Elegant Wedding Magazine as one of the best wedding photographers in Toronto!

Considering that there are so many great photographers in the Greater Toronto Area, with so many different styles of photography, it is truly a pleasure to be distinguished among such great wedding photographers who’s work we admire.

To read more about this honour, and about other top photographers in Toronto, see the article: Best Wedinng Photographers in Toronto.

No matter what your style, budget or wedding date, choosing the right photographer for your needs, who you truly connect with, is in our mind more important that finding a photographer with many awards or distinctions.

Of course, we don’t photograph our couples to win accolades or awards. We do this because we truly love what we do and we have a passion for it. We never settle and we always strive to provide the very best images and service for our couples.

We get excited the day before a wedding shoot as we clean our lenses, charge the camera batteries and triple check all of our gear.

We are so lucky to be able to wake up in the morning and do what we love during the wedding day with people that are so much more than just our “wedding couples”. We dare say they are our friends and we become a part of the wedding, their Big Day and their lives.

In the end, we receive our biggest reward not from any magazine but from the couples when they are very happy with their wedding images.

This welcome recognition from the Elegant Wedding Magazine would not happen without the many wonderful couples which we had the pleasure to meet and spend time with over the years.

A sincere thank you to both the Elegant Wedding Magazine and to all of our amazing couples who made this great distinction possible!

The Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto